Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweetland Farm CSA - Week 1

Today was our first day of this season's CSA. This year we're switching it up and supporting Sweetland Farm here in Norwich. We've driven by the farm a few times but this was the first time I had ever stopped. After we collected this weeks produce from the brown barn we walked across the street to explore the farm.

As we wandered around the farm we said hi to the pigs, followed a trail through a field, picked up rocks and checked out what veggies were growing in the greenhouse. It was such a beautiful day to be outside and lucky for us Marc was even able to meet us there.


I am definitely looking forward to spending our Tuesday afternoons exploring the farm with the girls this summer.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Poppy - 12 Months

Weight - 22 pounds 10 ounces
Length - 30 inches
Head Circumference - 18 3/4 inches  

Dear Poppy,

Happy Birthday my little love! I still remember holding you in my arms for the very first time like it was yesterday. The anticipation that morning of finally seeing your face and getting to know you, not just the bump that was my belly. The sadness that your Nana and Granddad hadn't quite arrived yet (they were headed to the airport in California!). The support from your Dad who believed in us both. The relief at the end of labor because, come on, it was labor. Your beautiful scrunched up, goo covered face as you were placed in my arms and how much I just wanted you to make noises for me. Talk to me. And now, today, on your first birthday you are doing just that. Babbling about whatever it is that you want to share, grunting and reaching for the things you can't quite reach on your own and doodle-doodle-ing as you explore the world around you.

This last month of your baby year has been full of new milestones. Your first tooth, bottom right center, started to show at the end of November. You picked up your first sign language word - "more" - coincidentally the same first word your mother spoke. Quickly followed by the signs for "please" and "thank you". You appropriately wave hello and blow kisses goodbye, instead of the long delayed wave to absolutely no one. It's also been really fun to watch your mobility develop. You started the month pulling to your knees on the fireplace and the coffee table and now at the end of the month you pull all the way to standing. You are also a pro racer on your push and ride scooter - moving forward, backwards and even turning around corners.

This month you also had your first ear infection. At first we thought the pulling on your ears was just a new tooth, but after a couple rough nights of sleep the doctor confirmed it was in fact your ears. Although it was hard to be up every hour it was also a unique opportunity for the two of us. As I sat up in the middle of the night nursing you I realized that this might be one of the last times we would have these moments. And then I paused, took a deep breath, and took it all in. The glow of the moonlight through the window highlighting your long eyelashes as they rested on the soft roundness of your cheeks and our open land outside. The clear night sky full of bright sparkling stars to watch. The warmth and weight of your body draped across mine and the rhythmic sound of your breathing as you slowly returned to sleep. The irregular creaks and groans of the house set to the rhythmic tick tock of the clock. The familiar movement of the rocking chair as we reached our milestone of one year of nursing. There were nights where I struggled getting out of bed again, my body too tired to motivate my legs to carry me to you. But once we settled in I loved every second of these quiet moments together - just you, me and the middle of the night.

We really can't wait to see what your first toddler year brings with it. But most of all we are excited that you continue to be a happy, curious and opinionated little one in this family of ours.

Your Mom, Dad and big sister Violet

Violet and Poppy at 12 months

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Poppy - 11 Months

Weight - 21 pounds 14 ounces
Length - 27 3/4 inches

Dear Poppy,

Your last monthly post and you just barely squeaked it in there, we can officially say we have a crawler! No more of that "laying on your belly dragging yourself around with your arms" crawl. This crawl is the real deal. You are up on all fours wanting to go where you want to go. The final motivation that lead to this change? Visiting your cousins Elise, Will and Claire at their new house in Pennsylvania. Part of you just wanted to keep up with them and the other part found their carpeted floors to be just the right amount of friction. Either way it's fun to hear your panting along with the pat-pat of your hands as you follow us around.

This month you have also started to communicate with both your environment and people around you. You will hand us toys and actually let go of them. You are placing items on top of things like your toys on the coffee table or your leftover food back on the table. You picked up your first sign - "more" which is pretty hilarious considering mommy's first word was also "more". You wave hello and goodbye and are just beginning to blow kisses. The best part of this month is listening to your baby babble. You definitely want to be part of all our conversations and have even started adding pauses and intonation to your noises. You've definitely realized we are a family of chatter boxes!

Despite not having any teeth you can eat like the best of them! You can now devour an entire piece of cinnamon raisin bread on your own - we no longer have to rip it up into small pieces. You love just about everything we offer you and you scream if there's something on the table we aren't offering you. You're a pro at your sippy cup and when you are all done you let us know by letting gravity place it on the floor for you.

It's hard to believe your first year is coming to an end. We can hardly believe that next month you will no longer be our baby and will become our toddler!

Your mom, dad and big sister Violet

Violet and Poppy at 11 months

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Poppy 10 Months

Weight - 21 pounds 8 ounces  

Dear Poppy,

Another month, another letter. Well I had high hopes that we'd be able to report you are crawling and have a tooth but alas these things will come when you are good and ready. And right now is just not that time. 

I will say you are getting closer to crawling. You've figured out that rolling isn't just for getting onto your tummy or back but it can also get you across the room, under the couch, under your sisters bed and closer to that toy that is just out of reach. Your arms are also really good at pushing you backwards when you are in the crawl position. Once you figure out your knees I will no longer find you where I left you sitting. 

One of the best developments this month is your desire to imitate things we are doing. You have waved goodbye to daddy as he leaves for work and hello to Nana on FaceTime. You clap when you've done something we are excited about. And you dance in your high chair when we're all being silly at dinner. Best of all you never hesitate to stick your tongue out at us to get a smile. 

Your fine motor skills are also awesome. You are a pro at picking up spaghetti and getting it straight to your mouth. In fact your appetite rivals Violets at this point; sometimes you even eat more then she does! You also seem to have this ability to find the smallest item (a hair, piece of string, one grain of rice, a piece of grass, a fleck of wood) on the floor next to you, pick it up between your tiny thumb and forefinger and get it into your mouth before I even have a chance at identifying it. You definitely keep me on my toes! 

Lastly, I've really enjoyed watching you and Violet play together this month. She likes to hide and when you find her she shouts "peek a boo" which brings out the best belly laugh I've ever heard. Violet has also been honing her doctor skills on you while you have done your best to keep her tools as clean as your mouth can get them. And then there's the NASCAR nights when Violet pushes you around and around in the walker while you giggle uncontrollably. It's a little crazy at times but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Your mom, dad and big sister Violet

Violet and Poppy at 10 Months

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Poppy - 9 Months

Length - 27 1/2 inches
Weight - 21 pounds 4 ounces
Head circumference - 18 1/4 inches

Dear Poppy,

What a month! This month you have figured out how to use your walker to move in all directions. Forward, backwards, around the corner, turning around and most importantly chasing after your sister. When Violet walks away from you, you chase after her and try to take what she has. When she takes things away from you, you yell at her. When she runs away from you, you run after her laughing  the whole way. This is definitely the beginning of your sister bond and I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch it develop.

You still continue to show no interest in crawling. You are happy to sit and play with toys or watch your sister run around you. You have started reaching forward for toys that are just outside of your reach and folding yourself forward flat as a pancake. The other day you started scooting backwards while sitting. It might not be crawling but it's something!

A few times this month you have spent part of the night co-sleeping with your Dad and I. The downside is that even though you are so little you take up as much of the bed as you can. We have found ourselves in the "H" position and I've even found myself curled up on the bottom half of the bed just to give you some space. The upside is that I often times wake up to your smiling face watching me. One night I even discovered that you smile in your sleep. Frequently.

This month you were finally able to meet Great Grandma Peach when we traveled down to Connecticut. You had a great time giggling and I'm pretty sure she fully enjoyed having lunch with you. Nana and Granddad also came for a visit near the end of this month. They couldn't believe how happy you are and were impressed at your never ending gremlin noises. As you grow you continue to amaze and entertain us. Will next month bring crawling and teeth? Time will tell!

Your Mom, Dad, and big sister Violet

Violet's 9 Month Post
Violet and Poppy at 9 Months